Adventures of a Manboy and his Father

The Adventures of a Manboy and his Father

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I've been slacking...

Man I'm slacking on this whole blog thing (and I'm currently a little tired) so time for a brief update on my life and then some pictures...

Hm... bullet points will work I suppose.

  • During Thanksgiving break I went to a place called Baños.  There, I explored some waterfalls, ate lots of the local taffy, and then rented a jeep with some friends and took it up into the mountains, which included me learning to drive manual as we went (don't worry! There was only one or two scary moments!)
  • After that trip I went into academic game-mode and busted out my last couple of papers and finals, meaning that last tuesday I essentially finished college.  I honestly hadn't thought a ton about that fact until it was upon me. Its pretty cool though to be done.  I just look back and have to give all the glory to God.  He gave me the abilities, then the opportunity, and on top of all that He still basically carried me through it all. 
  • The last week I was in the Jungle doing a VBS and teaching English.  When you travel off the beaten paths, sometimes you meet people who live such different lives than you do it can be hard to even comprehend what its like to be them.  I had some of those moments this last week for sure.  I can't relate to what its like not to be able to afford soap. 
  •  I was diagnosed with an acute infection of toxoplasmosis (which is a parasite that comes from cat feces or undercooked meat).  Its kinda messing with my energy and emotions, but overall no big deal!  God's grace is more than enough.
  • Last night, my friends and I had a toga Christmas party with some Ecuadorian food. 
  • In two days, I leave for our semester's beach debrief (not such a bad deal huh?)
  • In ten days I'll be leaving Ecuador. 
  • In eleven days, I have the honor of being in my friends wedding
  • In twelve days, I'll be home. 
  • A longer blog talking more about where I'm at will follow at some point.  Until then... 

The Cathedral of the town.  One of the nights a traveling symphonic orchestra came and played here.  It was pretty incredible.

Chocolate Banana Empanadas... que rico! I might have eaten more than necessary.

I just thought this was a sweet sight of the Ecuadorian flag and the valley.

While in Baños, a couple of my friends went "bungie jumping," which sometimes in Ecuador means jumping off bridges attached to a climbing rope.  I chose not to. 

The Jeep we rented (Jurassic Park anybody?) 

Learning to drive manual

 A street in Baños.  As you can tell its a pretty touristic place.


A chiva, or party bus, that we rented and were driven around to see some of the waterfalls!  (You can't tell it in this picture, but this is actually the dance space with some big ole speakers under the seats)

 And of course... I gotta throw in one artistic pic.

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