Adventures of a Manboy and his Father

The Adventures of a Manboy and his Father

Friday, November 13, 2009

(shhh.. we're playing a game)

Ok... I've been posting like crazy this week, and it might be a teeny bit before I do again... but if you read my post (thank you and)... the next week or so is time for you guys to ask questions.... and I'll try to answer the ones I want to. haha.

So any questions?

This is it!


Today is day 100. In the last century of days I have....

Met some cool people. Fo sho.

Had some cool experiences.

Read some books: Crazy Love, Primal Vision, The Shackled Continent, Bruchko (again), The Freedom of Simplicity*, Celebration of Discipline*, Compassion*, Rich Christians in an age of Hunger (well... kinda), and at least a decent amount Irenaeus to Grotius: a Sourcebook on Christian Political Thought. They were good. Especially the ones with *. Crazy.

Missed people, but sometimes have also been glad to have been away.

Seen a lot of things change and just had to trust GOD.

Appreciated facebook, loathed facebook.

Experienced lots of different emotions, often at the same time.

Seen aweful places (Rwanda, Dachau) enjoyed some incredible ones.

Learned, loved, and laughed.

Wanted to share a little Tolkien with you:

Not all that is gold glitters
Not all who wander are lost
The old that is strong does not whither
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.

Decided that I'm pretty sure I'm returning to school in the fall, and that I might be returning to New Life as well.

but mostly, I have been blessed abundantly. GOD has unceasingly been present, always showing me His love and calling me to stop being such a ********* (ambiguous, non-specific curse word.) He is so good, and my words are undoubtedly insufficient, and unworthy.

With love, hope, and prayers,

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Quick pic

Just got some rafting pics. Thought I'd throw this one up. haha. There's gotta sounds weird.
Catcha on the flip side.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Classes and The Vase

I realize that my post yesterday might have been a little weird, which is understandable because I was in a weird mood. Good news is that I eventually was able to sign up for classes, I got in the majority of the ones that I wanted! As of right now I'm taking a simple 13 hours, with one more possible credit coming. Currently, I'm all geared up to return back to JBU in the spring, something that was a little shady around departure time. One thing I've learned is that while location might be all important in real estate... it might not always be that central to following Jesus. Wherever I go I can have an adventure, loving a lonely person now seems a lot better/fulfilling than seeing the world just to have sweet stories. I think I mean that.

In other news, the 2/3 the way through semester death week is now over. Pretty much all I have left in school here is the 30-so pages of final papers that are coming up in a couple of weeks! haha.

My host family has really become comfortable to me, which is both awesome and a little worrisome since my intentionality has been slacking as of late.

Let's see here... Last night I wrote a poem. Its called The Vase... ch-ch-check it out!

The vase sits soft
On its marble stand,
Cutting white, splitting light
It sparkles ancient sand,
But move the vase
And time slows the fall.
It breaks and it makes me
Hide from its piercing call.
The Artist runs
Sliding still before,
His masterpiece broken
Twas perfect but no more.
His tears change me
As they fall, down His face
Hands and knees begin to bleed
As on the shards He lay.
The gentle eyes
With no surprise
Look about, seek me out,
I stand, tremble and fear.
The artist smiles
And Love pulls me forth.
Hand on hand, starts again
He Guides me and we work.

GOD is good.

Anways, I'm kinda missing home right now, while being content with being here. Seems like a decent state of mind to be in. Oh! And I've been thinking alot about realizing that its my responsibility this life... especially when it comes to love and following Christ. I can't ever blame anybody or anything else for why I didn't do what I should have. Following the call is a step in which only I can move my foot.

OK. I'll keep this short. I think I'll update on friday anyways... it'll be 100 days.

catcha later,

(Oh, and you might not want to send any letters after this week, there chance of getting here falls somewhere between sketchy and improbable!)

Monday, November 9, 2009

There's these days when the world just seems funny, you know?
I'm sitting in an internet cafe and thinking of life. Now, to be honest this wasn't a planned reflection time, no it was the result of an epic fail. As a type I should be registering for classes, but somebody had to go type the wrong password one too many times and so his school kicked him out of its network. So much for the paper skipped, and the 30 minute hike this afternoon. haha.

SO... I just decided to type. Its crazy that I have less than a month and a half left on this little shindig outing. last Friday was 3 months that I have been gone. Blows my mind a wee bit.

Um... I actually dont't know what to type. Its simply overwhelming to think about the things I want to type...lessons, stories, thoughts, and ramblings. Today, I just can't do it. Sorry.

Know that God holds me.

Love you guys.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hey world.

So.... the last ten days were quite an experience eh?

I moved to the border of Kenya (still staying on the Uganda side though) and lived with a family on Mount Elgon. My activities could be divided into three catagories... Picking coffee on the plantation, sitting, and eating... usually roasted corn.

haha. It was awesome... The view was amazing!! Hopefully, I can post pictures. I had 3 brothers, 2 cows, 3 goats, and lots of chickens. I would work soo hard during the mornings until the early afternoons and then just sit still the rest of the day, unless we went on walks through the village and visited people. When we would go on walks I would meet people who had never seen a white person before. Inexpressible.

Yesterday, we got to hike through these forests to these waterfalls and play in them. Honestly, I have never yelled and laughed and enjoyed myself as when we were playing for sooo long. We climbed down right under them and the blast would sometimes pin us against the rock and just beat us silly. AWESOME. Later last night I hung out with a random traveling Canadian named Tim. We played guitar and talked about life.

Oh, and I was able to practice being silent and still so much. There were times when I wouldn't be able to do anything for a couple of hours... And so I just sat. Often during these times GOD would question why I wasn't talking to HIM since I was so bored. Its weird to think that we spend so much time stressing and wondering and planning, and so little time talking it out.

Welp. I gtg. I love you cats. Crazy to think that I still have a month and a half left huh?