Adventures of a Manboy and his Father

The Adventures of a Manboy and his Father

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Donde he estado

This last week has been pretty crazy. 

 I attempted to read three books on the Christian worldview.

Thursday- Saturday my group went to Papallacta, which is a village with hot springs about 2.5 hrs. away from Quito.  There, we were given the opportunity to experience the hot springs (which were really beautiful, enjoyable, but crazy hot... like to the point of pain and lightheadedness).  We also began our 7 day- 40 hour worldview class intensive, which continues to dominate my days.  The class is really cool actually and focuses on how the Biblical story impacts every part of our lives, and how God wants every part of us to reflect that reality.  The class is taught by a guy named Spencer, who is a professor who flew down from Eternity Bible College (CA) for the sole purpose to offer us this class. 

Last night, while attempting to return home from our class, my friend Jasmine and I hopped on the wrong bus and received the opportunity to travel to another city at night.  When I finally got back home hours later, my family expressed concern and then just laughed at me.  Haha.

Tonight, has been one of best nights with my family.  During dinner, I asked my mom if she knew how to play cards.   One thing led to the next, and soon I was blowing off homework to play a newly learned card game (Cuarenta) with her.   It was fun just to be confused, laugh, play, and connect with her.  Its one of the first nights I've done anything with my family besides eating. 

In two days, I leave for a little fall break trip to the Galapagos Islands!  I'm pumped.  If following this blog thing is something you do, be prepared for muchos pictures! 

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  1. Dude. Turtles. Big ones. We have a couple at the Waco Zoo. See one in their natural habitat for me.